Values in Social care


Social care requires a set of values to actually work. You can have all the trainings but absence of the values will let you down. So what are these values in Social care? They are not skills acquired during training but something in the behavior of the person. The person w ll do things the right way and not only follow instructions. Let us list the values:

  • Responsibility – In case of caring for people , a sense of responsibility is the first value one should have. Irresponsible people will not do the things at the right time. It will lead to defeating the purpose of the act altogether.
  • Respect and Empathy – These values are very important, especially if the person is caring for older people. They have similar need of empathy. They are not so demanding as we believe them to be. They only want respect which they should have. Having the core value of empathy and respect will make it easier to deal with them.
  • Compassion – Along with empathy compassion is what will make a person excel in social-care. It will help understand the core of the problem faced by the person. This will help with the empathy value too. In fact compassion and empathy are linked.
  • Imagination – Sometimes social-care requires high degree of imagination. For example while caring for a dementia patient you will need to imagine things the way the patient imagines. That is not normal value and requires a lot of creativity. So the social-care worker should be imaginative.

These are few of the values required for becoming a social-worker. The combination is hard to find in the new consumerist society where people only care for themselves.

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