UK is on the brink of a social care crisis

With the funding for the old at an all time low, UK is facing social care crisis. The country that takes pride in the way it cares for its elders and that boasts of the medical care is facing the financial crunch. The social care crisis is not distant and in fact, it is happening right now. The government has been warned about the fallout this will create in the coming weeks and not months. If the British society has to retain the all-inclusiveness, there ought to be changes in the policy by the government. The funding gap created by the recent financial cuts have put the care for old at risk. Even basic functions like washing, dressing and getting out of bed are hard to manage at the moment as per most of the social care groups. The new minimum wage means the caregivers are looking out for other options. The head of NHS has asked for more funds to resolve this, and hopefully, the situation will improve by the next quarter.

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