Social Work Training in the UK – The Think Ahead Programme

Statistics sometimes scare, but they show us the real picture of different aspects of the society. Did you know that approximately 40% of all ill-health cases among people with fewer than 65 years of age in the UK are caused by mental illnesses? Mental illnesses are really eating up the society. We might not be fast to realise when our friends, relatives, and co-workers are suffering from mental conditions. It has been thought that increased social work training in the UK could be a solution to the problem, which is at the least, very urgent. The Think Ahead Programme aims at providing social work training in the UK. The trained people can then use their skills to build relationships with affected people, provide support and care for them, and stand up for legal rights among other things. Chief Executive of mental health in Birmingham supports the Think Ahead programme. If you have a passion for social work and are interested in the program, visit the Think Ahead website and get important information on the programme including eligibility and application and selection process. Successful applicants will work with experts from various Local Authorities and NHS Trusts in England. They will be paid and also have a chance of doing a master’s degree in social work.

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