The Role of the Social Care Worker in the Society

A social care worker is a compassionate professional, whose work is centred on helping people to have better lives. A social care worker works with individuals or families going through different situations in life, which are normally difficult ones. The profession involves dealing with people’s pain and suffering as it is happening. Sometimes, it entails protecting people or segments of a population who have certain vulnerabilities. The social care worker’s job demands emotional stability, adaptability and a caring attitude. The worker must gauge his or her ability to face hard situations before deciding to take up the duties of a social care worker. The role of the social care worker has many aspects. You will work with one or several of these groups of individuals: old people, children with disabilities, teenagers with mental illnesses, young offenders, people fighting with drug addiction, refugees and asylum seekers, foster carers, and children who are exposed to certain kinds of abuse. Working alongside social workers and other experienced personnel, you are part of a team that often works in overwhelming conditions to better the lives of your clients. Often supervised by a social worker, take the opportunity to please learn from the experiences of social workers to further enhance your role of the social care worker.

Role of the social care worker

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