One of the world’s largest group of volunteers

Rotary clubs can be found throughout the world, a network of strangers who are friends by the mere fact they belong to a club that makes them all one family. “Service above self’ is their motto and my interactions with them as a guest speaker and having friends who are Rotarians, have shown to me that they take the task very seriously. Of course its social and networking and good business practice but they do ongoing projects that not only change people’s lives, it enriches and motivates their own. Getting involved is what it is all about and year after year Rotarians the world over raise money, raise awareness (that term finds its way into every post!) and have a lot of fun doing so. The rules that the club has encourages members to know one other, respect one another and listen to one another; all excellent qualities. Rotarians are all volunteers, they give of their time, their professionalism and themselves and more often than not their family’s time and input as well.

Volunteers are people, who freely offer to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task, and so many of our paid services are now recognizing the value and need of these often unrecognized folk. The one thing I have noticed over the years about volunteers is the initial energy they bring to things, enthusiastic, motivating and committed. Keeping that energy focused and alive is important to the Rotary Club. Over the years they have learnt that people can burn out or lose themselves in what they are doing. Their rules and training is about recognising this and ensuring their members keep on being involved and enthusiastic without getting overwhelmed. Supportive of each other and the goals they are attaining for, they quietly go about their projects both at home and internationally. I have found the Rotary Club offers very productive answers for people who want to be involved with their society and the world around, each Rotarian making a difference but as a group their potential is phenomenal.

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