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People like to help others and there is a huge amount of imput into health issues. One of the two biggest issues are AIDS and Cancer and over the years we have seen so much support for these problems. Raising money ( and awareness) for treatments and sufferers recognising survivors and what they have faced. Money is raised for charities to continue to support and help, like the McMillian Nurses.  What I especially admire is how the charity not only raises money but the way it does, encouring everyone to participate from coffee and cake to running marathons. A number of there events are to increase the health of the participants – not sure about that where the cakes are concerned, but hey we all love a pice of cake.

The activites to raise money are as varied as the people who think them up, aimed at being fun and repeatable they have gone a long way to educating everyone not only on their cause but on what we the public can do. How we can have an effect.

Among the organisations that exist to help others I have always admired Doctors without Borders or Medicins sans Frontieres.  ther logo says much about their approac, ‘Medical aid where it is needed most. Independent. Neutral. Impartial’. This is an organisation that is constantly and quietly operating in the background. working in some of the most frightening and war torn places on earth. I especially like their tribute page idea for fundraising.

Fundraising is the primary way these organisations can reach out and help those that need it and the events are getting every more innovative so that they can attract people. Some fund raising are small, some huge but all of them depend on the events being organised by people who care and are often voluteers themselves. Some events are specifically aimed at certain people to either challenge them, as with marathons  to not only raise money but be a personal challenge. Fundraising has changed over the years from donations to a poor house to actively encouraging people to engage in something and follow it through, be involved rather than justwriting a cheque -ok that would be gratefully received as well but the satisfaction of knowing you have worked; running, baking a cake, climbing a mountain is motivating, exhilerating and fulfilling.

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