Communicating with Refugees – Points to Consider


Communication Boards to assist with Refugee communication

A Communication Board Arabic- English. other Languages available

There is much being written online about how we communicate with refugees and what is best. I personally believe as long as we keep trying all the options something will work with someone. Off course feedback from colleagues what works is essential. I thought today’s post could be about what I have found in my search for answers to help in training workers and volunteers.

  • Technology – the use of mobile phones and social media have been found to be a great way of reaching out and connecting with people especially in the camps, shown by the UNHCR initiative. Information technology is also a great way of extending the reach of education projects. Education with the poor resources and lack of teachers is a constant concern using technology we may find a way to combat it. Although provision of the relevant equipment is also necessary – maybe some of the bigger corporations could fund this? Apple, IBM are you listening?
  • Language cards – simple but very effective. A London based company has some downloadable communication cards in six languages designed by Tobii Dynavox these can be downloaded in PDF form directly from the company website . Interested in contributing to these communication boards then head of to Boardmaker Online and register with them.
  • Improving our interpersonal skills both verbal and nonverbal. Next post I will look more specifically at that.
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