Children and Social Care Receive an Injection of Hope

Children and social care

The British government believes that every child in the UK should have the chance to live their dreams and have access to opportunities that can help them reach their potential. When it comes to children and social care, the ideal is to provide every child in care with a stable family home where they can develop trusted relationships. The Queen’s speech talks about better social care for children, promising changes that would give children hope for a bright and better future. In her speech, the Queen went on to say that the government would change the outcomes of children in care and that the government would be more pro- foster care. The queen said that the next step would be to introduce a children and social work bill which builds on the foundations they have already laid. There was also going to be a further £200m over and above the £100m already rolled out for an innovation programme which would ensure excellence in children and social care practices, programmes and activities.

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