Carers and social media?

Throughout the world at any given time someone somewhere is offering assistance to another, not because they are paid to do but because of love, loyalty and family. The largest group of carers in the UK is the unofficial ones. They often go quietly about their business not seeking recognition or praise but without them our social services would grind to a halt. At last people are recognising the value of carers; they are being recognized by awards. Awards like the Great British Care Awards, which not only recognises professional’s excellence and often innovative care but those of the unpaid sector, the volunteers. Sometime the volunteers have no choice in the matter, those they love require help, and they give it, often unstintingly. The follow video tells of the rewards of caring, and this young women’s interesting use of social media again raises awareness, (a term that is becoming a bit of mantra for this blog)

Using Facebook as a platform to inform and educate is now a given, more and more people are connecting through social media and becoming stronger for doing so, the use of humour in this video is the enabling factor that allows people to connect and empathise.  Twitter, Whats App and other social media resources allow carers not to feel so alone, a place to go where you know what you are experiencing is shared and where you can learn how to cope or manage better.  Whilst social media is used by non professionals and some volunteer groups there have been concerns identified with this use, the most significant one being confidentiality, this article from the Guardian,, highlighted this question and how some of the professional services are approaching this. What are your thoughts, could social media be of constructive use in social care?

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