A Very Brief Overview of Social Care

Today social care is seen as part of integrated services provided by others to care for, protect and educate. The establishment of this has its roots in history as far back as we can look; families and tribes where the first givers of care, mother to children, hunters to the tribe, healers to all. It changed over the course of history to charity work, the rich helping the poor, religion or the church being a primary force in this area. During the early history of the church, charity and good works where seen to be the acts of the pious, for which you would receive Godly rewards. Looking at this complex ideology in a brief way what we can see is that social care at that time was about giving fundamentals, food, clothing and material goods to alleviate problems not actually trying to solve the basic causes of poverty. Also we can see that social care was directed on an economic sense, not a lot of attention was given to abuse victims, mental & physical health suffers or children.

Social care became under the dictates of governments around the 19th century, as the politic of the land began to change so did how we managed the population and what could be offered them. The development of social service and health departments has grown far more intricate and integrated over the years, the definition of social care depending very much on who you are talking to and from what sector, private or government you ask.

Working in the social care or social services requires a certain amount of interpersonal skills alongside management and communication. Skills by their definition can be learnt and what I want to focus on in the blogs is what can be learnt from the associations and individuals that are constructive and innovative in social care.

As I have said before comments are welcome but this site is about achievements in social care not a platform for complaints there are plenty of them around if that is what you are looking for. Try to let me know what is going on in your area that is advocating great things for social care, be it a small or large project.

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