Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Obesity Costing the UK

The 21st century has seen an increase in alcoholism – people who are looking for a hour or two of forgetfulness from their social and personal problems. Many social workers spend quite a bit of their time working with individuals who are alcoholics., and this includes working with people who are unemployed, working with runaway young people out of abusive homes as well as suicidal people among others. Now residents of the United Kingdom who are listed as being an alcoholic or battling with a drug addiction are going to be having their welfare benefits reduced. Alcoholism, drug addiction and even obesity is being seen as a drain on the economy and these ‘ills’ are going to be investigated under plans to be announced by David Cameron.

increase in alcoholism
This is because of a cost cutting effort being considered by the British government. David Cameron, prime minister after research into the financial toll on UK taypayers who have to ‘fund’ these people. It is staggering to know that some 90,000 UK residents claim welfare benefits for illnesses caused by drug or alcohol addiction. David Cameron has said that too many people are ‘stuck on sickness benefits because of issues that could be addressed, but are not.’

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